how COVID-19 affects our business

This would be about how COVID-19 affects our business. Did we get a significant drop-off of customers? Did the virus affect our customers? Let's answer that.

Dear Odooers, Let's start with a second question. Yes, we had some drop-off of customers at N-Development due to the pandemic. Customers from such industries as manufacturing, retail, and customer services(SPA, gym, etc). That was something that we expected. Also, some customers just decrease the volume of work by 50-80% of the total hours. Vendors of our customers stopped operations, which means our customers can't manufacture and sell their products, and that means there is less work for us.

Besides that, few of our customers get busier than they used to be before the virus. That results in more work for us. It all depends on the industry of your customers. Our customer's industries are diverse. While with some customers we decreased the volume of our work, we increased that with others.

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