Odoo is the most flexible ERP system

Odoo is the multi-functions ERP system covering all business needs in different domains.

No exaggerations, just facts. 60+ Odoo applications are implemented for this purpose.  They can be applied both for the company’s main activity and for all internal processes. For example,  right now we are developing the website for the mobile spare parts seller whereas all our internal processes are processed by 7 Odoo applications.

Odoo modules are integrated with each other. So, for example, you are aware of your warehouse oppos while getting an inquiry for the 245 purple chairs.  And Odoo never stops captivating with possible integration with other ERP systems. It’s easy as is! Also having an open-source format Odoo is ready for customization. Choose the necessary module (or several) and just configure every feature and apply your special brand style as you wish.

Not only the technology is well thought out.  Odoo also proposes a simple pricing model. Moreover, some apps are totally and forever free. And absolutely every app has a free trial period.

Hm...it seems there are no reasons to waste time thinking over. Install Odoo!

Being an official Odoo partner we can help to install and configure needed open-code app. Also for your business we can develop customized solutions based on this code. Oh yes, from our side consulting and technical support at your disposal.

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