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Dear Odooers, This post would be especially interested for all of you who run an e-commerce business or somehow deal with PayPal or Stripe payments.

Two new modules were built by N-Development this week.

There is a flow of how these modules work: Firstly, export a CSV file with your payments from PayPal or Stripe. Simply import that file by using our modules to the Odoo. Then you will get a table with all the payments you have for a certain period of time on the left side of the table and all invoices linked to them on the right side of the table. This view allows you to check whether you have all payments for invoices and all invoices for the completed payments in place or not. By having such a view you would be able to easily see if there is anything that got lost throughout your payment process from PayPal or Stripe. Missing data will be highlighted.

Here we come to the second portion of the functionality of these modules. There is a checkbox next to each invoice you have in Odoo. By checking that in you saying to the module to automatically move the status of that invoice to "paid" in Odoo. This can reduce a pretty solid amount of manual work for you or your employees.

In case you have any questions drop us a line.

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