Progress report

The partnership means unified goals and similar approaches to achieve them.

We have been successfully exploiting the Progress Report as the basic analytical document for our projects. And recently Odoo has presented such a report within their Implementation Methodology. We are so excited to be on the same page with our Partner. The Report is really the lighthouse in cooperation with our Customer. 

It provides the multi-level analysis:
- High-level overview of the project
- Work breakdown structure
- Change requests estimation

Besides, the Report reveals all payment aspects. Earned, paid off and remaining funds are available for control. Here you are! 

Having been interpreted into figures every factor becomes unequivocally clear and beneficially applicable. Even the risk-factor is included and the two-scenarios plan is introduced. So fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the 3T utilisation roadmap: Time, Terms and Team capacity. 

As you see, the Report is EASY for understanding, TRANSPARENT for cooperation, DATA-COMPREHENSIVE for managerial solutions and - be ready! - once a fortnight is UPDATED for our Customer. 

So keep calm and be aware of what is going on in your Project with our Progress Report.

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