QA/QC in Odoo

How is it, to test ERP systems? Few words from us.

ERP testing is a specialized form of manual or automation test on the ERP software to ensure that it's working as expected. ERP testing can be considered as the testing of any other application software apart from the difference that for better testing the ERP system it's important for the user to understand how and where the data flows and which are the different sub-systems where the data is saved. ERP testing is a niche thing:

Getting the right testers: The success of ERP testing would depend on the expertise and the amount of domain knowledge.

Integration with other systems: There can be to and from data communication from the ERP software to other third-party tools.

Dealing with complex business rules: the customization if the ERP system is governed by business rules that drive the flow of information and data from one module to another.

Performance Issues: Adhering to SLA’s and performance standards can become challenging for big sized organizations if a proper load and performance testing are not performed. It's true that the ERP system makes the life of the people in the organization easier. The customization, implementation, and testing phases would need a lot of planning.

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