To code or not to code?

Shall you do custom development in your Odoo or stick to standards?

It depends. Let’s discuss a few points to consider before making such a choice:

It is recommended to do as much as possible within the standard functionality, and here is why:
Any custom development can make the project last longer and the “go-to live” day might be delayed unless that customisation isn’t necessary in your business case. Can your business operate and handle its core processes without that customisation? If so, then this is a nice-to-have feature. In case you won’t be able to launch the business without it, then yes, it is necessary customisation;

Customizations have maintenance costs on the project. Your development partners have to maintain customisations that can result in costs for business owners. How easy it would be to update your Odoo later on with all customisations that have been made to the system?

Complexity. The more you customise, the more complex the system becomes. That requires more documentation to be done as well as additional training for end-users.

As Odoo developers, we love to make customisations and expand the existing system. Here, at N-development, we always want to come to the optimal solution so that we can deliver successful projects on time.
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