what does WFH mean?

No one knew what does WFH mean a couple of months ago. It means Work From Home.

It means Work From Home. According to one survey that was taken in the US, 49% of workers never worked from home before. Not only workers' productivity was harmed by the virus, but companies' approach to lead a business as well. There are two options: adapt to it or shut your doors.

If you are the owner of a small/medium business, today is the right time to consider actionable steps to make your business more digital. No one drives digitalization as effective as the pandemic.

Ability to adjust Odoo for your needs. If there is something you want but it doesn't come out of the box, not a problem. There are lots of Odoo experts who can customize the system for your business.

There is a testimonial on Odoo website from Marc Peeters: “We replaced 14 different applications and increased revenues by 10% overnight.”

Here is why: you want to digitalize your business. How many apps do you consider to purchase? One for accounting, one for the website, one for manufacturing, etc. Broad toolkit decreases your productivity. Odoo has everything under one roof.

To conclude. Odoo could be a good step towards making the right technology infrastructure of your business. We are here to help you with anything you need. #erpsoftware #odoo

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