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Software development and quality management is based on a simple premise: define the ideal quality and ensure the final product functions and performs to that ideal—as efficiently as possible. N-Development foresees possible issues and production gaps causing delays, errors, and change requests. Our experts then define and optimize a reliable, predictable, and efficient development process using best practices.


Proactive quality risk prediction, identification, and prevention.

Test solution, framework and tool development and deployment.

Cost reduction and productivity improvement


Time-to-market for successful products are getting shorter, while customer expectations are increasing. Business analysts (BAs) ensure that stakeholder needs, business context, and solution value are captured quickly and comprehensively for end product delivery. N-Development works closely with clients to establish product foundations, ideate and define the best solution to address needs, frame solution vision and scope, define roadmap and backlog, and drive implementation for the highest quality product—with on-time delivery.


Clear vision, goals, expectations and success criteria achieved through stakeholder alignment.

Business case, roadmap and scope are based on market data, user research and feasible alternatives ensuring integration of business, market and user requirements.

Cost-effective solutions and accelerated time-to-market through less rework, clear scope, and effective processes.

Integration and SUPPORT

We have provided Odoo integration services to a number of businesses. We offer Odoo intergration and support to tailor all the business operations. Our engineers also guide internal teams through the release process, helping our clients to optimize infrastructure and applications.


Incident management, automated testing, and fixing.

Full ticket management from initiation through resolution and preventive deployment.

Expedient issue remediation adhering to the most stringent client service level agreements (SLAs).

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